John John

John Bluemercury District Manager


What recent product discoveries are you most excited about?

Face oils, which I discovered through social media. I still do use my facial moisturizer, but face oil gives you that glow-from-within. You can use it underneath your moisturizer, or use it alone or pop it on top of your makeup, if you feel like maybe you’ve been a little heavy-handed and applied too much makeup. It’s a very versatile product. The other thing I think everyone needs to have is a really good concealer that can both go under the eyes, as well as touch up other parts of the face. I’m always on the hunt for the next best concealer. I like a cream formula with a wand, so I can dab it under my eyes and use my fingers to blend it in. It’s quick, easy and portable. I have one in my work bag, and if I’m going out to dinner with friends after work, I can just pull it out and reapply.

Why is your morning grooming regimen important to you?

Going through my skincare and makeup routines in the morning really gives me time to center myself for the day. I run through a mental checklist of what I have for the day, what’s coming up and what I need to do.

Do you have a signature beauty product?
Kiehl’s Original Musk Blend No. 1. I absolutely love that fragrance; I've worn it for years. My friends and family know me by its woodsy, musky scent. It’s really great. I describe it as the equivalent of a white T-shirt, jeans and low-top shoes. It’s that everyday fragrance you can wear whether it’s day or night. It just has a uniqueness to it. I always have a backup in my medicine cabinet. It’s something that I buy almost monthly.
What has living through the pandemic taught you?
To take a minute to slow down and to show self-love for myself by shutting out all the noise from the world for five or 10 minutes every day. Whether it’s going to the gym for my health or doing an under-eye sheet mask, I’m making that time throughout the day for me and accepting that it’s okay to do that.
Where do you find your confidence?
In my skincare and makeup regimens. I love how my skincare routine, which I do twice a day, makes my skin glow and helps reduce my sunspots and the redness on my cheeks. Then, if I need a pick-me-up, I always pop on a bronzer. Or, if I’m feeling a little dark under the eyes, I’ll dab on a concealer, just to help conceal the night before. Everyone is looking at you, whether it’s on Zoom or in person. Investing the time in taking care of myself allows me to face people feeling my best.
What’s your most treasured possession?
This bracelet I got in Tulum, Mexico, with my boyfriend. Because of the pandemic, we’re separated; he’s in Canada, and I’m here in New York. We haven’t been able to see each other much during this time, but we were able to escape and go to Tulum last September. The day before we left, I'm said, We have to go back to that shop in Tulum and get these bracelets made of blue quartz beads. They’re something that we’ll have forever. We wear them every day; they’re always on our wrists. Mine reminds me of that vacation and reminds me of him.
“Going through my skincare and makeup routines in the morning really gives me time to center myself for the day.”