MaCara MaCara

MaCara Ceramicist + Model

MaCara Harrison Ceramics

What do you love about wearing makeup?

I love seeing the transformation. For me, beauty and makeup are all about enhancing what you already have. For example: mascara. When I don’t wear mascara, versus when I do, I can definitely notice a difference. I just feel so much more awake and alert with it on. I really love using makeup to make my features pop more. That’s my favorite part.

What has living through the pandemic taught you?

Patience. I mean, we were just sitting around, and you’re kind of like, “What can I do now?” Like, “I can’t go out and see my friends. What can I do instead?” It was finding that, I don’t know, inner peace with yourself to be like, “I’m alone, and I can’t see my friends, so I’ve kind of got to figure it out on my own.”

Where do you find your confidence?
For the most part, my confidence comes from inside and the inner qualities that I possess, more than how I look. I was lucky to be raised by parents who didn’t look at how I looked. They didn’t care about the way I dressed or what my hair looked like. They were just focused on making sure that I was kind and polite and giving. My confidence comes from knowing that I try to be the best person I can be every day.
What’s your most treasured possession?
My grandfather’s acoustic guitar. He’s no longer with us, so it’s the one thing I have to remind me of him. I will cherish it to the day I die.
“I really love using makeup to make my features pop. That’s my favorite part.”