Melissa Rendon Melissa Rendon

Melissa Dog-Walker + Model


What’s one of your beauty staples?

Face oil. My skin is always thirsty, and I feel like creams don’t really do it for me. Instead, I just use oil as my facial moisturizer.

Do you have a signature beauty product?

Mascara. It makes a small difference, but also a big one, at the same time. It gives a little more detail or shapes my eyes a bit better. I wear it almost every day. If I don’t, then it’s just the residue from the day before.

What are some dog-walking daily essentials?
Nowadays, I think even if we don’t want to, we’ve all been using sanitizer. But also, I work with dogs. My hands are always getting dirty when I’m out with the dogs. Sanitizer spray is an easy way for me to clean my hands, if I need to. Also, deodorant. I walk about 10 miles a day, and I’m always sweating. I like to clean myself.
How would you describe your perfect morning?
A morning with no obligations. Knowing that I can stay in bed or go for a leisurely walk. I don’t need race anywhere or rush out the door. I like to take my time. That’s my ideal morning.
“Being in nature energizes me and also brings me peace.”
Where do you find beauty?
I find it in nature. You could just walk outside and look at a tree, look at a plant. It just is. There’s beauty in something that just is and that isn’t trying. I like going to Forest Park in Queens. It doesn’t feel as though you’re in New York. It’s really quiet. There are nature trails, and it’s beautiful. Being in nature energizes me and also brings me peace. It helps me have some alone time away from the loud bustling of the city.