Rachel Niu Rachel Niu

Rachel Mother + Model


What beauty product do you rely on the most?

Facial oil because it’s so hydrating and makes my skin soft. That’s my favorite product, to this day. It leaves my skin moisturized without feeling too oily, even though it’s an oil. My skin is on the drier side, so I like to keep that moisture balance.

Do you have a favorite part of your skincare regimen?

I especially love my end-of-day beauty routine, when my children are in bed, and I can finally have some “me time.” I can wash the day away and really spend time on my skin and myself and just destress from whatever happened that day. Cleansing my skin and using my face creams and eye creams is a way of giving myself a nice treat.

How has becoming a mother changed the way you consider the ingredients in your beauty routine?
Now I look for clean, organic products that are also easy. I need things I can put on my face in five or 10 minutes because I don’t have a lot of time, especially in the mornings. Clean products have become important to me because they’re safer for the baby and safe for me. And you can even feel the difference on your skin between a clean product and a more toxic one.
Where do you find your confidence?
I have a newfound confidence from being a mother and raising my children. Becoming a mother has changed me because it’s made me realize that it’s not just about me anymore. I have someone to take care of. That’s given me confidence. I’ll also take care of myself, of course, but now I have someone else to take care of, so I have to be strong.
What’s your most treasured possession?
My violin. I’ve been playing since I was 10 years-old. Music is a huge passion of mine, and it’s what I love to do in my spare time. It’s always been a good release for me and a good way to express myself. And I just find so much beauty and joy in playing, listening to and creating music. With a newborn and a toddler, I don’t play my violin as much as I want to or wish I could, but when I do, it’s always rewarding. I kind of escape; it’s like a whole another mindset. And it just feels good; it feels freeing and nice.
“I especially love my end-of-day beauty routine, when my children are in bed, and I can finally have some me time.”