Taylor Student


Do you have a signature beauty product?

I'm a big fan of black liquid eyeliner and kind of a cat-eye situation. I do that every day, even if everything else does not get done. I'm interested in the color life, but I've been sticking to black. It’s important to me that the product is vegan and cruelty-free. There's probably a learning curve to doing a cat-eye, but at this point, it feels pretty seamless and easy to me. Of course, it’s a thing I've been doing for at least 10 years. I think my eyes are one of my better features, so I like to accentuate them.

How important is skincare to you?

I like to focus on my skincare routine, so I don't have to rely so much on makeup. But the fewer number of products for me, the better because I always forget things or I don't know how to layer them or whatever. So, for example, my moisturizer contains SPF and vitamin C, which is a perk.

Any recent additions to your skincare routine?
I use a retinol at night, which is relatively new. I've just read good things about it, and I have friends that are into it. I know it's supposed to help prevent signs of aging. It's doing well for my skin so far. It helps with breakouts and stuff, so I've been liking it. I apply a sleeping mask after because I think retinol is pretty drying; I try to add some moisturizer on top. Then I have a night eye cream that I use for dark circles. It helps me feel like they're a little brighter. Plus, it's a very sensitive, delicate area, so I like to keep it extra moisturized. I smooth on a hydrating eye cream in the morning, too.
Do you have a favorite fragrance?
I lean towards bright, fruitier perfumes. I love floral, fruity scents, especially in the morning.
Where do you find beauty?
Beauty can be anything that makes you feel some sort of positive emotion. I find it a lot in nature or just in other people's kindness. It can come from within, then you can translate that to the outside. I think it’s anything that makes you feel a sense of awe in the world.
What’s one thing you do in the morning to ensure it will be a great day?
I always try to meditate for five minutes and pray, and that usually sets me up. It's definitely grounding, and I stay far away from my phone. I think about the things I'm grateful for and just have a quiet moment before the day gets not quiet.
“Beauty can be anything that makes you feel some sort of positive emotion. I find it a lot in nature or just in other people's kindness.”