Yesim + Teresa Real Estate Broker, Digital Marketer


What’s your meet-cute?

Teresa (above right): We met on the corner of Spring and Elizabeth Streets in New York City in the summer of 2014 right after Germany won the World Cup. I had German flags painted on my face. I said, “Who did you root for?” She says, “Argentina.” I was like, What?!

Yesim (above left): Anyway, she pointed at me, asked me this question, and basically, she was like, “I don't care, I'm buying you a beer.” And we went to a German beer hall, and then I actually left. I was like, “See you later,” and I had to go. About two hours later, we bumped into…

Teresa: We ran into each other again. She took me for a Vespa ride that night. And the rest is history.

What’s a recent beauty find?

Teresa: I found Natureofthings recently. I was intrigued by their packaging. We have a moisturizer from them, Nourishing Body Crème, which is really nice. And their Clarifying Facial Polish. It’s a powder you put in your hand, add some water to, then put on your face. It's so good.

Yesim: Also, I found this product, Hyaluronic Energizing Mist by Tom Ford. I spritz it, and I don't know what it does exactly, but it just brightens everything. I love using it because it gives you that little bit of freshness, plus you glow all day long.

What’s a go-to self-care routine for you?
Yesim: She nicknamed the bathtub my “office.” That was how I got through Covid. I’d literally spend two to three hours in extremely relaxing bubble baths. I like to read, light candles. But I started this habit-stacking process where I’d run the bath, get in and for the first 10 minutes, I’d do a 10-minute meditation using the Headspace app. Then I’d just chill and take calls and answer emails and try to move around slowly, so no one could hear the water splashing.
How does the arrival of spring impact your beauty routine?
Teresa: I start wearing more fun lipsticks. I go from red, dark lipstick to ones that are a little more pinkish or coral. I love that. And I paint my nails in fun, bright colors, too.

Yesim: And I start wearing tons of sunscreen. I'm working on reapplying throughout the day. Which has been challenging, but I do keep sunscreen in my Vespa actually and that helps.
What beauty products do you share?
Teresa: Skincare, but not makeup. We use a cleansing oil and a face oil. I feel as though oil takes off makeup better. Plus, I have really dry skin. But my face doesn't feel dry after I use an oil.

Yesim: Honestly, I'm like one of those people who’s like, "Wait, when do you do the toner?"

Teresa: She still asks me that sometimes, and I'm like, "No, no, not right now."
“We share skincare, but not makeup. We use a cleansing oil and a face oil. I feel as though oil takes off makeup better. Plus, I have really dry skin.”