Matte, Mauve Lips

After a long period of uncertainty, “We’re like butterflies coming out of a cocoon,” says Jenny Smith, global makeup artist at Nars. “We want to get back to a version of ourselves that feels naturally enhanced.” For a lip look that’s you, only better, look no further than this dusty pink hue. “Mauve-pink is a no-brainer,” says Nick Lujan, director of education and artistry at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. “It’s one of those colors that works for everybody, for every look, day or night.” And a matte finish is especially suited to this time of mask ambiguity. “A long-wearing lip is definitely what we need now because we’re sometimes wearing masks; we’re sometimes not wearing masks,” Lujan says. “It’s the way to go because matte is more durable and stays on a little bit better.”


What the Pros Know

Prep makes perfect. Before you reach for your lip color, reach for a textured cotton pad saturated with an exfoliating toner. Gently wipe it over your mouth to eradicate flakes. “The toner lightly loosens and lifts dead skin cells, then the cotton pad picks them up,” Smith says. “Any dryness, any peeling goes onto the cotton pad and into the garbage.”


Pick up your pencil. According to Lujan, you should always start with a neutral lipliner first. “Our founder, Kevyn Aucoin, really believed that you should choose a pencil the same shade as your natural lip color,” he says. “Then no matter the lipstick hue you put on top, it’s always going to be a perfect match.”


Adjust your intensity. Select a mauve-based lipstick that’s close in color to your natural lip tone for the most neutral effect. “Or go one to two shades either brighter or darker for a bit more impact,” Smith says.


Fix your edges. Keep some cotton swabs and makeup remover at the ready to ensure a clean line. Dip the swab in the remover, then “smile and drag the swab along the outer edge of your lip to create more polish and definition,” Smith says. “Afterward, use a brush or a sponge to retouch the area with a little concealer and powder.”