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Wellness in Minutes

We all strive to incorporate self-care into our daily schedules, but every day is different. The good news is we’ve got you covered! Here are six simple ideas you can try, whether you’re able to carve out almost an hour for me time or have just 60 seconds to spare.

IF YOU HAVE: 45 minutes

TRY: Turning your bathroom into a spa

Light a candle, cue up your favorite playlist, and prepare to relax. To get the silkiest strands ever, indulge in a luxurious hair mask. While that’s working on your head, slip into a warm tub and add some bath salts to the water to detoxify your skin and melt your muscles. Once you’re finished soaking, rinse out your hair, then curl up in a fluffy robe with a favorite book or streaming service.
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At home Spa
IF YOU HAVE: 20 minutes

TRY: Indulging in some multi-masking

One of the trendiest at-home skincare routines involves customizing your face mask selection for each part of your complexion. Have breakouts in your T-zone, while your cheeks are dry? Consider spreading a clay-based treatment on your problem areas and a hydrating one on parched patches. Leave on for the recommended amount of time, then wash off and follow with your regular moisturizer.
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IF YOUR HAVE: 15 minutes

TRY: Meditating

YouTube abounds with free meditation tutorials to suit every goal, whether you’re trying to reduce stress, quash anxiety or just increase your mindfulness. Experiment with teachers and modalities to see what works best for you. And consider giving your practice an extra boost by supplementing it with products that support an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.
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IF YOU HAVE: 10 minutes

TRY: Pampering your body

It’s especially crucial in the cold days of winter not to forget to take care of the skin below your neck. When you get out of the shower and your skin is still damp, massage in a body oil with benefits, like toning and firming, to lock in moisture and improve skin texture and elasticity. Then seal your work with a layer of rich body cream for the ultimate in lasting softness.
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IF YOU HAVE: 5 Minutes

TRY: Giving yourself a facial massage

It’s no secret that we store tension in our facial muscles, as anyone who’s woken up with a clenched jaw or furrowed brow can attest. Simply kneading pressure points, such as the temples and jawline, can release tight muscles. Or try a specialized tool to help melt away tough knots.
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IF YOU HAVE: 1 minute

TRY: Popping a supplement

Nothing gives you more bang for your buck than taking a supplement geared to your individual need, whether it’s hair growth, clear skin, immune support or general health. Easy and effective—is there a better combination?
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