Acqua di Parma

Notte Di Stelle Diffuser

  • Limited Edition
This year, Acqua di Parma's Holiday Collection shines bright in the iconic style of Emilio Pucci and supports the "Riscriviamo il Futuro-Rewrite the Future” campaign by Save the Children. The Vortici print creates a special limited edition design for the Notte di Stelle diffuser. A gift full of atmosphere, that enourages the joy of coming together and sharing a special time of year.

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The Whirlwind print dresses up both the bottle and the box of the Notte di Stelle diffuser, a real design object to perfume the home with the special atmosphere of the Holidays. A warm and bright fragrance where the balsamic notes of pine oil and the scents of birch and guaiac wood are combined with the spicy accents of clove and the pungent hint of raspberry. Duration: 10-12 weeks NOTE: the diffuser includes black rattan reeds Packaging This set has been developed with respect for the environment: FSC-certified paper Every item in the collection contributed to the “Riscriviamo il Futuro-Rewrite the Future” campaign by Save the Children.

Key Benefits

Pine Oil, Birch, Guaiac Wood, Cloves, Raspberry



Tasting notes: Pine oil, Birch, Gaiac, Wood Clove, Raspeberry

Full Ingredients List

500 Gr

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About the Brand

Founded in 1916, Acqua di Parma was born out of a vision to share the yellow gift of Italian Sun, Soul, and Style with the world. Their products are lovingly made by traditional craftsmen, where imperfection is cherished. Acqua di Parma is all about the Italian lightness at its heart, celebrating simplicity and generosity.

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