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Source1 Eau de Parfum

    Sparkling, Fresh, and Sunny. 50 ml

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    Source1 Eau de Parfum forms the very core of the Hermetica brand and is the Prima Materia. It is both the base of all of Hermetica fragrances as well as a standalone fragrance in its own right, with a citrus and oriental character. As a base as well as an enhancer, the luminous note of bergamot is blended with molecules of dry amber and fresh wood to bring a modern warmth and verticality to your skin.

    Key Benefits

    Green chemistry: Alcohol free - Long lasting - Moisturizing - Cruelty Free - Refillable 50 ml



    Bergamot, Essence Dry Amber Molecule and Fresh Wood Molecule

    About the Brand

    Hermetica Paris is a collection of CLEAN fragrances that are ALCOHOL-FREE and MOISTURIZING. Its patented formula replaces alcohol with a moisturizing base, resulting in a longer lasting perfume that is safe on skin & hair. Sustainably sourced ingredients with recycled packaging. Hermetica is taking a further step towards sustainable and green fragrance creation with a pledge to plant one tree for every Hermetica bottle sold at Bluemercury. Support the cause today by indulging in a fine fragrance from France!

    bluemercury presents THE FOUNDER SERIES with Clara and John Molloy. Read the Q&A >

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