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The Icons Edit Gift Set

    A gift set featuring our most iconic products, in limited edition colourways: a slip pillowcase, contour sleep mask, and large and skinny scrunchies.

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    A collection of our most coveted and most awarded beauty essentials in one iconic set. The beauty secret of celebrity hairstylists, dermatologists and beauty experts.

    THE SLIPSILK DIFFERENCE: Traditional hair ties can tug on delicate hair which can lead to damage and breakage. Slip scrunchies are made with slipsilk, the same silk used in the award-winning slip pure silk pillowcase. Slip pure silk products are made using slipsilk, developed and refined for over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability.

    SLEEP WITH SLIP: The slip contour sleep mask has been specifically designed with delicate eyelash extensions in mind**. The shape of the contour on the inside of the sleep mask has been designed to sit away from your eyelids and allow additional space for your eyelashes to sit while you get your beauty sleep.

    **While slip has made all efforts to design its contour sleep mask to be suitable for eyelash extensions, slip acknowledges that not all lashes are the same and the contour sleep mask may not be suitable for all lengths or types of lashes. Slip encourages you to use your own discretion in deciding whether the contour sleep mask is suitable for you.

    Key Benefits

    • A slip anti aging, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pillowcase 
    • A slip lovely lashes contour sleep mask, designed to protect your delicate eyelash extensions. 
    • Our slip, anti crease, anti breakage, large and skinny scrunchies. Designed to avoid hair creases and made with slipsilk to be gentle on your delicate hair.



    Clinical Results
    • We spend a third of our lives in bed. In laboratory testing, slipsilk pillowcases were shown to absorb significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases*, so they can help keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair. 
    • Slipsilk was also shown to create 43% less friction on average*, which can reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.
    • Slipsilk has been shown to reduce friction by 43% on average*, allowing skin to glide along the pillow, which can reduce pressure on creased skin. 
    • Ordinary pillowcases can cause hair tangling during the night. In laboratory testing, slipsilk has been shown to reduce friction by 43% on average*. 
    •  *On average compared to cotton pillowcases with a 220-360 thread count.
    • White pure silk queen pillowcase with invisible zipper closure (20" x 30" / 51cm x 76cm)
    • Moonflower contour sleep mask (3.8" x 8.4" / 9.5cm x 21.2cm)
    • Medusa pure silk large scrunchie
    • Black pure silk skinny scrunchie
    • Ultra violet pure silk skinny scrunchie
    Tool Materials silk
    Slip™ Pure Silk Turban - Black
    Slip™ Pure Silk Turban - Black
    Slip Slip Scrunchie Ornament Color/Shade variant: Medusa Nights
    Slip Scrunchie Ornament

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    About the Brand
    In 2003, then 20th Century FOX Films State Manager, Fiona Stewart was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Unable to find one, she sourced the best silk she could find and wrapped it around her pillow. The results were dramatic and immediate. She’s never looked back. She had stumbled upon a long forgotten beauty secret - and slip® was born. The following year, Stewart, alongside partner Justin Dubois, officially launched slip® - the first silk pillowcase to be branded and marketed as a beauty product.Shop slip