A New Love: Outdoor Wedding Sunscreen | bluemercury

Those of you that know me know I am a sunscreen diehard. If you show up at our office Monday with a sunburn, you are sure to get a lecture from me. But I get it. Sunscreens feel like extra work and they sometimes feel so heavy. I had an outdoor wedding to go to last Saturday afternoon when it was 90 degrees outside. Allie, one of our beauty experts from Bethesda did my makeup. When she asked me if I wanted a sunscreen under my makeup, I almost hesitated. Imagine that? I asked, "What is your favorite sunscreen to wear under makeup on a boiling hot day?" She told me, hands down, her favorite is ReVive’s new Soleil Superior Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen. She was right. It absorbed right into my skin and had a luminous finish. We used an M-61 Skincare PowerGlow Peel first to create a canvas of smooth, exfoliated skin.  Then, we used Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Flow Foundation (in select stores!) over it. My makeup was absolutely perfect all day and night. Thank you Allie and ReVive!