Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion
At Bluemercury
When Bluemercury began in 1999, our mission was to create a welcoming space where everyone in our community could share in the power of beauty. We’re of the mind that labels are for soup cans, not skin serums, and that self-care isn’t gender-specific, but is color-blind. To that end, we’re continually looking to ensure that the culture within our walls feels inclusive to all.
We have clients and colleagues across the country, and the opportunity to help create widespread change in a meaningful way. We’re committed to using our platform as a national retailer to amplify underrepresented voices, both in our local neighborhoods and in the beauty business at large.
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Celebrating AAPI Owners!
This month we're spotlighting some of the AAPI owners of our favorite beauty brands. Check them out, along with their fabulous products!

Ellis Brooklyn

Bee Shapiro


Carol Han Pyle

U Beauty

Tina Chen Craig


Kim van Haaster

In Good Company
At Bluemercury, we’re proud to support beauty businesses from diverse founders
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