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Summer '07
I am somewhat fair, have a tendency to freckle, and spend every weekend at the beach with my family. Thus, my sunscreen obsession. The counter near our back door has a myriad of suncreens all lined up neatly in a row. I find that if I put the right texture on the right body part, my family and I are more likely to use sunscreen, and use is half the battle. Our current buffet has the following:

Best Face Block for Beach -
Skinceuticals SPF 45 – I won’t go to the beach or bike riding without this on my face. The titanium dioxide content is one of the highest around, making this one of the best physical sunblocks out there. It’s a little pricier than others – so I make everyone use this on their face and not their body. Plus, for some reason, it is less likely to irritate my children’s eyes if it should wander close. $35

Best for Touch Up During the Day -
Dermalogica Waterproof Solar Spray SPF 30 — A spray oil with a hint of lemon scent that glides right on arms and legs, it is so easy to get on, and perfect for touch ups while you are at the beach. Whoever thought an oil would have such a high SPF? Extra bonus – it makes your skin look shiny and hydrated. $30

All Over Body Favorite
Kiehl’s Water-Resistant SPF 40 for Children – Our whole family uses this on their body. With a 40 SPF and an easy lotion-like texture, this is the favorite pre-beach body sunscreen. $18.50

Most Gentle for Kids
Skinceuticals Physical Defense 30 - My 2 year old daughter has very sensitive skin. This block has no chemical sunscreens at all (the chemical ones are effective, but in some people, may cause a little irritation) and is easy to put on. $35

For Mom Only
Remede SPF 30 Firming and Contouring Lotion – This one is in my secret stash. Pure heaven, I love putting this on my entire body. It is super hydrating, contains caffeine and seaweed extracts for firming, and has a faint mandarin orange scent. $52

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