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Headshots of Holly Thaggard, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Trish McEvoy, Marla Beck, Sylvie Chantecaille, Indie Lee and Valérie Grandury

Meet the Women Who are Shaping the Beauty Industry

Behind some of the most successful beauty brands stand strong, innovative women. Fueled by their passion for beauty and a dedication to their missions, these women have established brands that we love. Learn more about the self-made women of beauty, shattering the glass ceiling.

Marla Beck sitting at her desk

Marla Beck

Co-Founder & CEO of Bluemercury, Creator of Lune and Aster and M-61 Powerful Skincare

In 1999, Marla Beck was determined to create an elevated retail beauty experience where customers would have access to premium brands and expert advice in their own neighborhoods. With her husband Barry, she continues to innovate and change the retail beauty experience through their Bluemercury stores. In addition, Marla created two proprietary brands, M-61 and Lune+Aster which use powerful and natural ingredients to deliver maximum results in minimal time.

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Sylvie Chantecaille standing on a patio outside

Sylvie Chantecaille

CEO & President of Chantecaille Beauté Inc.

Sylvie Chantecaille created a brand that harnesses the natural benefits of flowers with groundbreaking formulas. Keeping nature and philanthropy at the forefront of their mission, Chantecaille partners with organizations that fight for global environmental issues. Sylvie is the ultimate working mom—her daughters Olivia and Alex have both taken on leadership roles at the company and work closely with Sylvie to set the luxury standard for botanical beauty.

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Headshot of Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Founder & CEO of Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics

Dr. Barbara Sturm began her career as an orthopedic surgeon, developing a passion for anti-inflammatory science along the way. Dr. Strum used her knowledge of medicine and science to develop her own cutting-edge treatments and skincare products. Her overarching philosophy is that skincare should heal the skin with products made from potent natural extracts, free of fragrances and preservatives. A true problem solver, Dr. Sturm is a pioneer in innovative skincare.

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Trish McEvoy holding makeup brushes

Trish McEvoy

Founder & CEO of Trish McEvoy Ltd.

In 1975, there were few options for makeup-application tools, so Trish took matters into her own hands and launched her namesake company. She developed her own line of makeup brushes and later expanded her brand to include all facets of beauty including makeup, skincare and fragrance. Trish McEvoy is now one of the most trusted names in beauty.

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Holly Thaggard sitting in front of her desk

Holly Thaggard

Founder & CEO of Supergoop!

When a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, Holly quickly discovered that skin cancer is largely preventable if you wear SPF and most people don’t wear it because it doesn’t feel good. To help fight skin cancer, Holly launched Supergoop!, a clean, feel-good, innovative SPF brand that makes wearing sunscreen every day, easy.

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Valérie Grandury standing behind white flowers

Valérie Grandury

Founder & CEO of Odacité

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Valérie embarked on a journey to remove all toxins from her life. This lead to the creation of Odacité, a skincare line that uses precious plant extracts, oils and efficacious cosmeceuticals for ultimate potency, absolute freshness and complete purity. Odacité marries the best of two worlds luxurious French skincare and green California living.

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Headshot of Indie Lee outside

Indie Lee

Founder & CEO of Indie Lee & Co.

After conquering a life-threatening brain tumor likely caused by environmental toxins, Indie Lee became determined to create a cosmetic line that was toxin-free and eco-friendly. She left her job as an accountant behind and sold all her jewelry to finance her new business. This superhero woman turned a life-threatening illness into motivation to create what is now a burgeoning and beloved eco-chic brand.

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