GLISSANT Intimate Wellness was created by a physician and a beauty entrepreneur to create products that improve women's sexual wellness so they can maintain, reclaim, and elevate their sexual intimacy. Our mission is to create natural, high-quality, luxury intimate products based on science and nature. Our FDA-cleared, water-based lubricant is our signature product containing an unrivaled combination of natural arousal ingredients that create a luxurious experience while soothing and alleviating pain for your most intimate parts. GLISSANT Intimate Wellness products also include our pure botanical CBD & CBG body oil that luxuriously nourishes, replenishes & protects against free radicals that can damage your skin. Our bath salts are a perfect blend of the two most healing salts on the planet drenched with pure essential oils creating a bathing experience like no other. GLISSANT's products are ideal for travel and they are refillable, which is why our motto is LOVE. REPLENISH. REPEAT.™