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20 Years of Beauty Celebrate with M-61

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“Our clients were coming in looking for highly effective skincare without harmful ingredients – so I set out to launch the first clean, clinical skincare line using dermatologist-loved ingredients and high-performance naturals in the most concentrated and purest forms possible. The result is M-61, a highly efficacious vegan and gluten-free skincare collection free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and dyes.”

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Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

20th Anniversary Exclusive M-61 Anniversary PowerGlow® Peel

M-61 Anniversary PowerGlow® Peel
Limited Edition

“I consider PowerGlow Peel to be my greatest contribution to the industry. It’s not just my favorite, we sell one every 5 seconds! I'm so excited about this limited edition 20th Anniversary packaging to celebrate our best-selling, cult-favorite product!”

Marla Beck, Bluemercury Co-Founder

Best Sellers

“M-61 is my favorite skincare line because there is truly something for everyone. Their products use effective ingredients in gentle formulas that I know will give my clients results!"

Jenn, Beauty Expert, Newtown, PA

Customer Favorites

“Every time I try a new product from M-61 I am pleased. I feel like these products were made especially for me. I’m turning 60 this year and I feel more confident in my face than I have in a long time. The product actually seems to plump out my wrinkles and fine lines.”

Lillian59, Bluemercury Customer, New Jersey