Diversity + Inclusion At Bluemercury
Diversity and inclusion have been core values of our company since it was founded in 1999. Nevertheless, we know that we need to do better to make sure that the culture within our walls makes the world a better place. When we started Bluemercury, it was a single neighborhood store in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Today, we have customers and colleagues across the country, and the opportunity to help create change in a more meaningful way. We’re committed to using our platform as a national beauty retailer to amplify marginalized voices, both in our local neighborhoods, as well as in the larger beauty business community. This is just the start of our journey, and we hope you’ll check back for updates to monitor our progress.

Some of the actions we're taking

15 Percent Pledge

Bluemercury has committed to the 15 Percent Pledge, promising to devote 15 percent of our shelf space to Black-owned brands. We’ve brought four new companies—BeautyStat Cosmetics, Beneath Your Mask, Biophile and KNC Beauty—into our retail mix and are actively looking at others to join our roster.

The SoGal Foundation

As a female-founded and -led company, Bluemercury has long been about supporting diverse entrepreneurs. As part of that mission, we have partnered with the SoGal Foundation on its Black Founder Startup Grant program, which supports Black women or nonbinary entrepreneurs with cash grants of $5,000 to $10,000 awarded each month. You can view the list of past recipients and submit your own application here. We remain committed to this initiative and look forward to welcoming the new crop of founders this year.

In Good CompanyAt Bluemercury, we're proud to support beauty businesses founded by women and people of color