A woman applying a skincare product to her face over time

Product Layering

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Maximize the benefits of your skincare routine by following an order that allows each product to be most effective. Our beauty experts have given their recommendations to fine-tune your routine!

  • Cleanser

    Starting with clean skin is essential for helping ingredients seep into pores more effectively. Begin with an oil-based cleanser to dissolve any makeup residue, then follow with your regular cleanser to rid your skin of remaining oils and impurities.

    Add an exfoliator into your routine after your cleanser at least once a week to remove the buildup of dead skin cells for a more thorough clean.

  • Mask

    Masks are perfect for targeting specific skincare concerns. Choose a mask for your unique needs, like hydrating, soothing, detoxing or nourishing. Apply to clean skin, after cleansing (and exfoliating, if you are including in your routine).

    Make sure to follow directions on the packaging. Some masks can be used up to three times per week while others are recommended to use only once.

  • Toner or Essence

    These products help to balance and hydrate the skin's moisture level and are great for prepping the skin for spot treatments and serums.

    Choosing a toner or essence with active ingredients can limit what you use later in your routine since they are more potent and can irritate skin if too many are added at once.

  • Serum

    Serums are among the thinnest products and penetrate the skin deeply, especially without the barrier of a moisturizer or thicker product. To layer your serums, apply your lightest first and finish with your thickest.

    Use serums with antioxidants like vitamin C in the morning to ward off the effects of pollution. Use serums with retinol in the evening to stimulate collagen production so you can wake up with a glowing complexion.

  • Moisturizer

    Moisturizers hydrate your skin and have the added benefit of sealing in all the ingredients you've applied prior.

    During the day opt for a lightweight lotion for normal to oily skin and a heavier formula for drier skin.

  • Eye Serum / Gel / Cream

    The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, making it the first area to show signs of aging. Eye treatments can help promote elasticity and thickness, fending away fine line and wrinkles.

    Some products are only for under the eyes while others can go on the eyelids.
    Apply with a gentle tapping motion with ring fingers and don't pull skin.

  • SPF

    SPF is designed to sit on top of your skin to block UV rays, so this is an important last step before applying makeup.

    You can touch up during the day with an SPF translucent powder if you need to extend your protection.

  • Mist

    Face mists give the skin an instant refresh and are a great way to boost hydration throughout the day.

    Keep in convenient places like your gym bag or glove compartment for a quick refresh on the go.

  • Supplement

    Supplements are a great way to give your skincare regimen an extra boost by treating from within.

    Choosing a targeted formula can reduce the effects of your most troublesome concerns.

  • Lip Protection

    The skin on our lips is extremely thin and prone to damage, making it crucial to use a formula that nourishes and protects.

    Try a formula with SPF to protect against UV damage, year round!