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Modern Facial

Basic cleansing, manual exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask and oxygen therapy
50 MINUTES $100


Eye-Zone Treatment $35

Glycolic Peel $40

Microdermabrasion $90

Vitamin Oxygen Blast $50

Vitamin C Treatment $40

Fast Blast

Cleansing, glycolic peel and vitamin oxygen blast
30 MINUTES $90

Purifying Facial

Modern facial + glycolic peel for complete exfoliation, oil-control and deep pore cleansing
50 MINUTES $135

Glycolic Peel Only

20 MINUTES $70

Hydrating Facial

modern facial + vitamin oxygen blast for extra moisture, firming, oxygen and protection
50 MINUTES $145

Brightening Facial

Modern facial + glycolic peel + vitamin C treatment for lightening, tightening and exfoliation
50 MINUTES $170

Fusion Facial

Our most popular facial treatment blend is a modern facial + glycolic peel + vitamin oxygen blast
50 MINUTES $180

Crystal Facial

(select locations)
Modern facial + microdermabrasion for the most intense exfoliation and skin-cell renewal
50 MINUTES $185

Power Facial

(select locations)
Modern facial + microdermabrasion + vitamin oxygen blast for total refinement and a true glow
50 MINUTES $225


(select locations)
For improving discolored and overactive skin. Can be added to any to any facial

FACE $140
NECK $55
CHEST $100
BACK $150
ARMS $115
LEGS $130
FEET $55

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