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As the founder and CEO of maternity clothing brand Hatch, Ariane Goldman is very attuned to the unique needs of new moms and moms-to-be. It was with them in mind that she launched Hatch Mama, a line of clean skincare that specifically addresses stretch marks, swollen ankles and other issues familiar to those who are preparing to or have recently given birth.

What drove you to start your own brand? I left my career at Amex to start my first company, twobirds, which made the bridesmaid dressing experience more seamless with one dress that converted to multiple styles and fit and flattered every body type. It was an incredible white space at the time, when expensive alterations were a given.
While running that business in 2010, I was newly pregnant and couldn’t find anything to wear that allowed me to celebrate my changing body, instead of hiding behind it. I knew I needed to change that. As soon as my first daughter, Charlie, was born, I launched Hatch to provide women with stylish, timeless maternity solutions to empower them and enable them to feel confident, beautiful and the most like themselves during this rewarding— yet challenging and unpredictable—time.

 Today, the conversation is so much bigger. We’ve built a community of women who not only want to invest in pieces for themselves, but ask questions, meet each other and learn about products that are good for them and that can nourish them in this moment. In order to continue to feed our passions and our babies, we need to take care of our bodies, holistically and intentionally—an idea that continued to come up with our followers. This gave me the inspiration for Hatch Mama—an edited line of non-toxic beauty products that were made to address the issues so many of us face during pregnancy and postpartum.
The journey continues with so many opportunities to unlock—support for after baby into the fourth trimester and beyond, in-store and digital experiences that bring moms, partners and experts together and our new content platform, Babe, that touches on the raw and unspoken topics of pregnancy and early motherhood. We’ll see what more is in store!
"We exist to make women’s typically unpredictable and clinical prenatal and postpartum experiences more elevated and thoughtful."

What’s your favorite product in the line? Our Belly Mask! I’m proud to say that it’s our own little patented invention at Hatch. We were the first to bring it to market, so it has a special place in my heart. I’m an avid lover of Korean sheet masks (read: still a weekly undereye mask user…) and that matched with the goal of finding new ways to spark joy in the pregnancy experience and made it a must to bring to our beauty lineup when we launched it in 2018. We exist to make women’s typically unpredictable and clinical prenatal and postpartum experiences more elevated, thoughtful and in line with the routines and aesthetics they already love—and if giving them a laugh and a wink while doing it is possible, even better. Overnight, it flew off the shelves and onto celebrity bumps (like Lily Aldridge and Kate Hudson), so that was fun, too!

What’s your morning and evening routine? My mornings and evenings are all about my family—my two girls, Charlie and Georgie, and my husband, Max. But when I can squeeze in some alone time before everyone wakes, I try to hop onto a virtual session of The Class by Taryn Toomey or take a walk outside or on the beach during the summer. Movement helps me a lot. I usually start catching up on emails before I do school drop-off and the decision-making sessions begin for the day. Before bed, if I’m lucky, the routine involves a Ketel One martini, but either way, it involves tucking in the kids with extra cuddles, a warm bath to wind down and some brainless TV to settle my mind from the long days of non-stop Zoom calls. What would people be surprised to learn about you? I’m an avid puzzler. Any free time I have is spent doing puzzles in front of the fire. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business? Invest in people who are smarter than you, always have a sense of humor (it’s the only way to get through the rollercoaster) and get ready to practice resilience. For an entrepreneur, on the other side of each challenge, heartache and curveball is where the wisdom sets in. And that wisdom will carry you as you develop to be a stronger leader, as it did me. Ariane Goldman of Hatch Mama
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