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Breighl Robbins previously worked in public health and integrative medicine, but she founded Ebi when she realized, after the birth of her own child, that there wasn’t a single company dedicated solely to the needs of the postpartum period. Ebi’s plant-based products aim to assist new mothers in finding the right balance between baby-care and self-care.

What drove you to start your own brand? I created Ebi because I didn’t see why a woman shouldn’t feel her most beautiful, nurtured and sensual after birth. The time after birth is sacred and deserves to be acknowledged as such. There wasn’t a brand that was doing that.
The first months of life (and motherhood) heavily influence the rest of the child and mother’s lives, including their connection to one another. Everything springs forth from that initial 1:1 connection. The budding signs of empathy, kindness and compassion are all wrapped up in those first few moments of connection, and the precursor to all of that is the mother’s connection to herself. My background is in public health. Postpartum is a public health issue. In looking at postpartum through a decidedly human and holistic lens, we arrive at Ebi, a comprehensive, holistic line that posits the argument that instead of motherhood being the end of your life as you’ve known it, perhaps it could be just the beginning of truly coming into the wholeness of who you are.
"Ebi posits the argument that instead of motherhood being the end of your life as you’ve known it, perhaps it could be the beginning of truly coming into the wholeness of who you are."

What’s your favorite product in the line? It’s really hard to choose. I use The Oil the most. There’s a bottle in every room in my house. I use it on my and my daughter’s hair, for cleansing on days when my skin feels dry and as my nightly serum—I basically bathe in it! Speaking of bathing, taking a weekly bath is a big part of my self-nurturing practice, and I still use The Bath for that. I light candles, turn on relaxing music and usually pour the herbs directly into my very hot bathwater. It’s one of my favorite parts of my week. I’m cutting out sugar, so instead of having a sweet treat at night, I usually take a cup of The Tisane instead. It’s so nourishing, whether you’re in the midst of postpartum or not. It aids with sleep and tastes amazing, so it’s the perfect nightcap.

What’s your morning and evening routine? Doing the work that I do (encouraging others to care for themselves well), I must walk the talk. Having a solid morning routine is a big part of that. I try to wake up before my family and begin my day with about 20 minutes of prayer/mediation. I find a quiet place, light a candle and just allow myself to be for that time. It’s hands down the number-one thing that has changed my mindset and perspective for the better. Then I’ll have a green juice (usually a mix of collards, celery, lemon and ginger) and go on a long walk. I try to walk between 5 and 10 miles a day, if I can. If not, a 30-minute elevated walk on the treadmill will do.
At night, I like to shower with the lights off. I light a candle and add some lavender essential oil around the shower. It helps me wind down and ease into my night. And I always take something warm to drink to bed—usually a cup of The Tisane.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? I love Scrabble. I love playing it the old-fashioned way or on my phone—it doesn’t matter. I won the spelling bee in 4th grade and have always had a love of words. Scrabble is a great way for me to scratch that logophile itch. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business? Balance is key. You can’t do your best work, if you’re not showing up as your best self. Invest time in yourself. That’s a part of your business, too.
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