The Founders Series: Maryam Zamani

Dr. Maryam Zamani of MZ Skin Dr. Maryam Zamani of MZ Skin Dr. Maryam Zamani of MZ Skin

Dr. Maryam Zamani MZ Skin

London-based oculoplastic surgeon Maryam Zamani, MD, is well-known for her non-surgical approach (think syringes, not scalpels). Her philosophy that prevention is the most important factor in aging well led her to introduce MZ Skin, her line of skincare products and devices, in 2016. What drove you to start your own brand? I have loved skincare ever since my mother bought me my first department store moisturizer when I was a teenager; the experience of taking a long bath or shower followed by a lovely skincare regimen became a part of my nightly ritual, to relax and unwind before bed. As an adult, I become more interested in the science behind the skincare. I wanted to know what it was doing for my skin other than making me feel beautiful. I started exploring doctor-led brands, but I quickly lost interest in them. They felt more medicinal, and less like the sensory experience I love so much.

In 2014, I started working with my own chemist, creating formulas to supplement my routine, so that I could have the actives that I knew would nurture my skin while also having that beautiful sensory experience. I asked my patients and friends to try the formulas, and tweaked them as I went along. I had no vision of what the future might hold, but when the buyer at Harrods wanted my products, the brand was born. It has been a fabulously exciting, challenging and rewarding road creating MZ Skin!
“Don’t worry what others are doing and just plow along forging your own path. There are so many correct paths, and only you know your goal.”
LightMAX Supercharged LED 2.0

What’s your favorite product in the line? This is like asking a mother who her favorite child is. I don’t think I can pick! All the products are formulated to work in synergy to reveal, enhance and protect skin. I think it would have to be a trio: Soothe & Smooth eye cream to help improve dark circles and diminish fine lines; Brighten & Perfect to improve skin tone and texture; and Rest & Revive to make it look like I’ve slept 10 hours even when I haven’t. Most recently I launched our new LightMAX Supercharged LED 2.0, and the results are incredible! The anti-aging mode is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 36 percent.

What are your morning and evening routines? I’m not an early morning person, so I wake up late at about 7:15. I have little breakfast before the school run, and I’m in the office by 8:30, to start seeing patients by 8:45 or 9. I spend time with my MZ Skin team every day, and then I am home when my children get home. At that point, I take a pause to be with them. Now that they’re older, while they do homework, I work out—either cardio, Pilates or weight training. We all have dinner together on most nights. and then I finish off the rest of my emails, prepare for the next day and relax with my husband. I have a strict policy of sleeping 7.5 hours a night. What would people be surprised to learn about you? I’m actually a rather shy and private individual who loves to spend time at home! What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business? I think it’s important to stay true to your values and your vision. Take criticism as it comes, because it will only help improve you as a person and for the business. Being able to listen is very underrated—you can learn so very much! Find mentors to help you. I’m so fortunate to have found some wonderfully fierce women who have helped me along the way, and I hope to do the same for others. And be generous and invest time with your team. I hope to build a team that wants to stay and grow with my business. Don’t worry what others are doing and just plow along forging your own path. There are so many correct paths, and only you know your goal. And finally feel the fear and do it anyways! Dr. Maryam Zamani of MZ Skin
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