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A native of Colombia who eventually relocated to rural Vermont, Tata Harper was unable to find clean, high-performance skincare that was also 100 percent natural. So she created her own luxury line, using ingredients she grows on her 1,200-acre organic farm.

What drove you to start your own brand? I’m actually an industrial engineer by trade. I never thought I’d become a beauty entrepreneur! It just really happened out of that need. Also, after realizing the importance of it and that this industry catered so much to women, I felt compelled to do something and to bring education and awareness to this topic. That’s been the mission of our company since we launched.

What’s your favorite product in the line? Our Elixir Vitae product from the Supernaturals collection is my desert island product! It's a great example of our mission to continue to push boundaries and innovate the next generation of beauty. The serum is our most potent and powerful formula yet. It delivers real results with its 72 ingredients that work like a daily dose of injectables. It contains a quadruple neuropeptide complex that uses a relaxing technology to minimize the look of wrinkles, kelp polymers that address signs of cellular aging and pistachio tree crystal tears that use filling technology to restore the look of volume.

What’s your morning and evening routine? I like to wake up early and get a head start on the day. It sounds cliche, but living on the farm and hearing the roosters crowing in the morning really makes the wake up so much easier and feels much more natural. I used to have the habit of checking my email first thing in the morning, but now I’m making an effort to meditate for about 15 minutes before I fully plug in. I’ve found that practicing breathing exercises has really helped me feel more centered and focused throughout the day. After that, I quickly scan through my emails and respond to anything that is super urgent.
For my morning skincare routine, I always start by exfoliating with Regenerating Cleanser. Exfoliating daily really lets my skin breathe and glow. Since it gets rid of any buildup that accumulates overnight, it also helps products absorb better. I follow with Hydrating Floral Essence to help prep my skin for treatment and help my serums penetrate deeper. Then it’s all about layering—I use Elixir Vitae on my whole face, next I’ll use Elixir Vitae Eye Serum and then Repairative Moisturizer.
"I used to have the habit of checking my email first thing in the morning, but now I’m making an effort to meditate for about 15 minutes before I fully plug in."
At night, I’ll get in bed at around 9:30 and end the day with some meditation. I find that visual meditation helps with sleep, especially after looking at a screen all day. I always keep my phone across the room at night to help with this. I try my best to disconnect and relax my mind—before I wake up and do it all over again in the morning!

For a regimen, I always start with double cleansing. First, I use Nourishing Oil Cleanser to get rid of that top layer of dirt and grime from the day, then I follow with the Purifying Cleanser to actually cleanse and detox my skin. Then I use Hydrating Floral Essence. For serum, I use Elixir Vitae on my face and Boosted Contouring Serum on my neck. I like a thicker eye cream at night, so I usually use the Boosted Contouring Eye Balm. I also like a richer moisturizer at night, so I finish with Crème Riche.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? A lot of people don’t know this, but my background is in industrial engineering, and this really influences my line. My engineering background gives me an understanding of the language of science, which has helped me to understand formulations and ingredients. I like to think of myself as a theoretical chemist because I understand how different ingredients work together in a formula, but I’m not a chemist in practice. I love working with our in-house chemists and our research and development team because we do everything ourselves and make everything from scratch, so every single ingredient in a formula has a purpose. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business? Truly think about doing something that helps people live better lives, instead of making more of the same. Always think about how your work and contribution will make the world a better place. Always seek answers and be curious and care about bettering the lives of others with what you make.
Tata Harper
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