Welcome Home

  • Store Capacity Icon

    Store Capacity

    We have reduced store capacity to 5 clients at a time in order to help aid in social distancing. We also ask clients to please stay at least 6 feet apart.

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    Wear a Face Covering

    In support of CDC recommendations we are requiring our Bluemercury team to wear a face shield or mask (or both) and we are asking clients to do the same.

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    No Touch Service

    At this time we are not doing any makeup applications, our Bluemercury team are ready to demonstrate makeup applications using a face chart, discuss skincare needs, and share product information.

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    As an extra precaution, we currently are not able to make samples, nor are we able to have testers available but we do have sample packettes available and will be expanding our selection.

  • Minimal Touch Payment Icon

    Minimal Touch Payment

    We’ve added protective shields to checkout areas, updated our checkout process, and altered payment steps to minimize touch.

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    Increased Cleaning

    Our Bluemercury team ensure that each store undergoes extra cleaning and is disinfected throughout the day, including increased personal handwashing.

  • Contactless Curbside Pickup Icon

    Contactless Curbside Pickup

    Call your local store to place an order for contactless curbside pickup. Our Bluemercury team are happy to discuss skincare concerns and make product suggestions, your order will then be placed directly in your car when you arrive.

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    Free Shipping

    In order to provide you with a shopping experience that you are comfortable with we are happy to offer free shipping for any phone orders placed with a store.

Home is welcoming our Bluemercury Team Back safely

  • Our Actions

    Our top priority is supporting our Bluemercury team health & safety. With this in mind we have created wellness-check protocol and an accompanying heath support system.

  • Wellbeing Icon


    Prior to leaving their home, our Bluemercury team are to ask themselves if they are feeling well and to check their temperature.

    Upon arrival at the store team members will complete a wellness check (which includes a temperature check) with their managers.

    It’s not just about physical health, managing stress is important in overall wellbeing. our Bluemercury team are recommended to get information from reliable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Bluemercury Team Assistance is available for all team members to speak confidentially with a clinician if they need such help.

We may be 6 feet apart, but we've never felt so close.

Welcome home! Our doors are open.

Find Your Store

How It Works

  1. Call the available store to place your curbside pickup order with our Beauty Expert.

  2. Drive to the store, park near the entrance and call to confirm your arrival.

  3. Please have your ID ready, as we will ask to verify your order through your closed car window.

  4. Our Beauty Expert will deliver your order to your car, placing it in the trunk or through a rear window.

  5. Enjoy your beauty pick-me-up!

Here to Help

Our Beauty Experts are ready to discuss skincare concerns, make product suggestions and prepare custom samples. You may choose complimentary shipping to your home, or we are happy to meet you in front of the store for curbside pickup. Beauty Expert advice is just a phone call away!

Our Actions

Every Beauty Expert has been trained to ensure Bluemercury’s hygiene and store cleanliness standards are being met every day. As we continue to prioritize the safety of our clients and staff, we've taken extra measures to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Temperature Check

All Beauty Experts are required to take a temperature check before entering our stores.

Face Shields and Masks

Beauty Experts are required to wear a company-provided face shield or mask.


Gloves are required when Beauty Experts clean, process shipments and deliver curbside pickup orders.

Extra Cleaning

Our Beauty Experts ensure that each store undergoes extra cleaning and is disinfected throughout the day.


In order to remain contactless, only credit cards and Bluemercury Gift Cards may be used for payment over the phone.


At this time, we are offering sample packets rather than creating samples in our stores.

As Always

We continue to take guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and adhere to local policies.