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Terracotta Plantable Candle

    This candle is hand poured, soy based, and infused with woodsy base notes of Lemon Balm to relax the mind and encourage rest, sweet and floral White Honey for joy, and the warmth of Coriander for peace of mind.
    Size: 12.5 oz

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    This luxury candle is designed to enjoy a multi-purpose lifespan by turning into a beautiful planter when the candle has finished. Each Plantable Candle includes plantable Seed Paper and a Soil Pod. We encourage you to enjoy fresh culinary herbs grown in your Terrazzo pot as a reminder to always add more beauty to the world.

    Fragrance Notes
    Corriander White Honey Lemon Balm



    Benefits aromatherapy
    Ingredient Preference paraben free
    About the Brand

    Esker was launched in 2018 by Shannon Davenport. After a decade of working in New York City as a trend forecaster, where she helped major corporate brands shape their identities based on her research across beauty, design, art, and consumer trends, she decided to launch Esker as a way to act on her own ideas and build the brand she wanted to see in the world. She knew she wanted to create a brand with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, and to make clean, safe products that nourish the body and elevate the way we care for it. We believe that the best things to put in and on your body are derived from the natural world around us. We create products using clean essential oils that are powerful and effective, and most importantly, are safe and nourishing for the skin.

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