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Loftie Lamp

    The stylishly minimalist Loftie Lamp is designed to bring you healthier sleep and happier mornings. It also keeps away the dark.

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    In addition to joyful sunrise alarms, restful sunset dimming, a helpful reading light, and adjustable ambient settings, our wifi-enabled Loftie Lamp can even be paired with the Loftie clock for light-guided breathwork, coordinated wind-downs, and multi-sensory wake ups.

    Key Benefits

    • Brightness and wavelengths change as you wake. Dawn-like light creates more feelings of rested wakefulness than sound
    • Choose from a rainbow of hues, or modes that signal your brain to relax, like Candle or Red Light.
    • The easiest way to create a healthy and lasting bedtime routine.
    • Support your body’s overnight recovery and rest by easing into sleep faster.



    Battery Type Lithium Ion
    Battery Life 3- 5 hours
    back up battery only back up battery only
    Cable Length 6 fett
    Full Materials List

    Loftie Loftie Lamp

    Polycarbonate shell, Steel top shade, RGB and Warm White LED Light, Lithium ion battery, Power adapter and cable included
    Loftie Clock main image.
    About the Brand
    We're Loftie, a brand dedicated to creating better tech-life balance for people everywhere. We believe technology should be energizing—not draining. We started with the question: How can we help people depend on their smartphones less? Smartphones have taken over pretty much everything—alarm clocks and our quality of sleep included. Between blue light, endless scrolling, and more, your smartphone is ruining your sleep. That's why we design products for the nightstand that make you feel optimally rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Now, with a little help from you, we’re out to retake slumberland.
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