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Volo Beauty

VOLO Super Hero

Meet the Super Hero. It's everything we love about the VOLO Hero, plus an extra 30% more fabric for longer, or thicker, hair types.
VOLO Super Hero

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The Super Hero is 30% larger than our regular VOLO Hero for thicker and longer hair types. Made with the same Nanoweave™ fabric technology, the Super Hero is extremely absorbent and much gentler on your hair than a traditional cotton towel. The Super Hero comes in  Luxe tube packaging - perfect for gift giving and holidays. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduces drying time
  • Snugly keeps your hair in place 
  • Doesn’t cause additional breakage
  • Gentle on the scalp



Product Length 39.4 inches
Product Width 30.5 inches
Concerns frizz
Full Materials List

Volo Beauty VOLO Super Hero

  • NANOWEAVE™: Nanoweave is our baby-blanket-soft, cloud-light, crazy-strong dream fabric. It absorbs 10x its own weight in water, cuts your dry time in half, and is so light you’ll truly forget it’s on your head. 
  • SNUG STRAP: We were sick of towels unraveling and falling off of our heads every time we moved, so we dreamed up the snug strap to solve the problem. With the snug strap, that puppy’s not going anywhere. 
  • SUPER SIZED: With an extra seven inches added to the length of the towel, the Super Hero is sure to cover longer and thicker hair types.

About the Brand

VOLO Beauty Co-Founders Jonathan Friedman & Ryan Goldman set out to change the beauty industry with products that could revolutionize the way hair is dried. They developed a product that could dry hair faster and protect it at the same time because wet hair is vulnerable hair. The VOLO Hero is changing the hair towel industry with the softest engineered microfiber on the market. This plush towel is extremely absorbent, gentle on hair, and guaranteed to stay tucked into place with the snag-free grippy strap.

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