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Empress Stone

    Bestselling facial gua sha tool designed to lift, sculpt, tone, and de-puff the skin.
    Size: 1 count
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    Product Information

    • Artisan-crafted from sustainably sourced bian stone, the Empress Stone is an amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. Each edge of the tool is intentionally designed and tested to yield the best possible results. This stone emits energy known for antioxidant benefits, including a measurable ultrasound pulsation and a far-infrared wave. It also emits negative ions, known to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

    Key Benefits

    • Erases fine lines and wrinkles by releasing muscle tension and activating collagen production.
    • Minimizes pores by clearing lymphatic congestion.
    • Plumps skin by increasing qi in blocked areas of the face.
    • Brightens the complexion by stimulating blood flow.
    • Clears skin by detoxifying the lymphatic system and revitalizing flow.
    • Lifts and sculpts by working within the muscle fascia to firm and tone.




    Benefits anti-aging; brightening; detox
    Concerns loss of firmness; dark circles; fine lines and wrinkles


    Full Materials List
    100% bian stone

    How To Use

    • Massage over face to brighten and refresh. 

    • Massage over face to brighten and refresh.