Indie Lee

Introducing ‘Hints’ so you can be effortlessly you. Our newest product category, Hints, merges skincare with color for a trio of slightly tinted, skincare-first formulas for those who crave just a hint more. These bare liberating skin hints uplift and reveal a fresh-faced look. Because simple is be beautiful.

The Indie Lee brand is rooted in skincare and was created by Indie after being diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that was believed to be environmentally derived – this was her awakening. A realization that our lifestyle and the environment we live in can not only impact our overall health but the health, resilience and appearance of our skin too. After surviving a successful surgery on Earth Day 2009, Indie embarked upon a new journey dedicated to the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. “I always thought about what I was putting in my body, but never truly considered what I was putting on it,” and so, Indie Lee skincare was born. A carefully curated line of products that are formulated with high-performance, plant-derived ingredients made to nurture you and your skin.

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