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As someone who grew up in Hawaii, you know your way around sunscreen. What’s your favorite?

I like a clear stick sunscreen. I feel as though it doesn't clog my pores as much. When you're out surfing, you put a ton of sunscreen on your face because you don't want to get burnt, obviously. I go pretty high with my SPF, usually 50. A lot of the versions for your face are so thick. I think they’re just too much. Like, they’re saving my skin, but also clogging my pores. I don’t get that feeling with a clear stick. 

How do you take care of your hair?

I have extremely dry, brittle hair. I run my fingers through it, and it likes to go with them. That's from years of experimenting—I went platinum, and I went ginger. My hair's been all over the place, so I really need an ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioner

You use a lot of Conscious Beauty products. Are those qualities important to you in your beauty items?

I think about what I eat. I think about what I drink. And I think about what I put on my skin because we absorb that, and it goes straight into our systems. It's definitely very important to me to use stuff that's not going to affect me later down the road.

What’s your number-one beauty ritual?
I’m an avid bath-taker. I love the warmth and that it's really relaxing. Someone once told me that if you get into a super-hot bath, it can help with depression and anxiety. I don’t know if it sets off serotonin or what, but it can rebalance your brain. I also have psoriatic arthritis, which comes along with skin irritation, psoriasis. A warm bath is great for my joints and also great for my skin. When you have psoriasis, your skin's really sensitive to different things, but baths have been the best remedy for me.
"I’m an avid bath-taker. Someone once told me that if you get into a super-hot bath, it can help with depression and anxiety."
What’s your makeup philosophy?
I've never really worn much makeup, and when I have, I don't really feel like myself. I just like to look at my skin, look at my face and see what it needs. Moisturizer, obviously, because my skin is dry. And then, I enhance the different elements of it. I put a little bit of blush on; I put a little bit of bronzer on. I just enhance what's already there because I don't want to go overboard. There was a time that I was going out with just highlighter on. It would catch the sun, and I felt dewy.
What summer activity do you most look forward to?
I’m from Maui. When summer comes, I’m hopefully at home, and I’m longboarding. I'm going to my favorite spot, surfing on the smallest waves with the biggest board. That's the best time of year to do that there. The swell gets small and the shortboards get put away, and everyone’s just relaxing on the beach.