Cleansing water | bluemercury

Aaaah... cleansing water...

When I got home at 10 tonight from a trip to our Jacksonville and Atlanta stores, my skin felt grimy. Even after washing my face with an alpha hydroxy cleanser (I used Skinceuticals Cleansing Cream). So I pulled out my Darphin Azahar Cleansing Water and was immediately transported to Europe.

While Darphin is a French brand, the scent of this glorious, no-oil soothing water reminded me of the orange blossoms of Seville, Spain, where I went for spring break years ago, when I was studying in Madrid. (Apparently, azahar means orange blossom in some language, but I am too tired to look it up.) I swiped it all over my face with a cotton ball. Clearly, I needed it, as the cotton ball absorbed all sorts of airplane grime.

I love cleansing waters. They are "no toner" toners - not drying, extremely soothing. Glorious water.

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