Holiday Season Recovery Mode | bluemercury

Last week I was in a different city every day. Over the weekend I had a holiday party in Philadelphia Friday night, a brunch in Philadelphia Saturday, two parties in DC Saturday night, and then took the kids to the Nutcracker on Sunday. All events were a blast, but I am a mess. My skin is a mess. And I am catching a cold. Here is what I have been doing to recover:

1. Sleep (just kidding!) Yes sleep is always the best recovery but I have not had time and do not have time to stock up!

2. At Home Facial. Used MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Pads. My face was breaking out. This is the only thing that helped my skin recover. One night and my skin was on its way.

3. Hot Tea. I am loving Yogi tea Peach Detox. Fruity and spicy at the same time. Had two cups last night. Feel better.

4. Hand Cream. Used the Revive Moisturizing Renewal Body Lotion my hands. The glycolic was perfect to slough of the dry skin.

5. No alcohol. Drank only sparking water at this past weekend’s events. Too run down to even try a sip of a nice glass of red wine.